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Induction: Treating Substance Related and Addictive Disorders in a Clinical Context


This two day course provides a complete and thorough overview of all the essential information addiction professionals needs to know in their day their day to day work. Beyond CQC compliance and familiarization with the NICE guidelines, the course aims to foster a deep  and practical understanding around the clinical diagnoses, assessment and treatment of addictive disorders. Here are the key subjects:

  • Substance Related and Addictive Disorders from a clinical perspective (DSM-5)
  • Working with Anxiety and Depression – understanding SIMD’s.
  • Best Practice in a Clinical Context: the Nice Clinical Guidelines and the Nice Quality Standards
  • Substance Dependence and Withdrawal: Background and Assessment Tools: CIWA–ar , CIWA-b, COWS, SADQ and how are they used
  • Evidence Based Interventions Recommended in the NICE guidelines:
  • ACT, 12 STEP, DBT, SMART Recovery and Motivational Interviewing

The course will be delivered by Eric Needham (MSc Addiction Psychology). Eric has worked for the Promis group for many years. He has played a key role both as senior therapist and clinical manager in the launch of several clinics including Withersdane Hall and Promis France and has over twenty years experience as a teacher, trainer and course developer.