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Case Management

Taking the decision to reach out and ask for help is one of the most difficult moments for any addict or family member. Years of denial and shame mean that it is critical that when that window of opportunity opens that trusted help is at hand – there is no more time to waste and your life depends on it.

Yet the choices often seem endless and confusing. Home detox rarely works and is mostly frustrating and futile. When clients seek professional help they are overwhelmed by the possibilities and costs involved; detox centres, treatment centres, rehabs, psychiatrists, doctors, a multitude of different treatment modalities and care solutions which leaves the client struggling to know where to begin.

What is called for is an experienced professional who can match the client’s needs and expectations with the right solution and treatment provider, taking into account the budget available to provide the best possible options.


At Chapter One we have a vast experience of the choices available and can help our clients to save valuable time and money when they take their first steps on the road to recovery. Detox and residential treatment are the necessary first port of call but this is only the beginning. We offer transition services and on-going out-reach care post treatment. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Interventions
  • After-Care Groups
  • On-line Therapy
  • Recovery Companions
  • Home-coming Support (transition and transport)
  • We understand the desperation of addiction and we celebrate our own recovery by offering a solution.