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How long are you going to wait?

Many parents and family members ask themselves this question wrongly imagining that at some point there loved one will reach “rock bottom,” and finally make the decision to take responsibility for their addiction. Again, how bad does it have to get? Many years of experience tell us that there are three limits in terms of bad it can get; prison, hospital or death. Waiting is dangerous because the situation will always get worse. You don’t have to wait until the addict loses their job, or the family falls implodes or their health falls apart. The best time to do something is always right now.

The reality is that people suffering from alcoholism or substance abuse do usually die unless they get help. At Chapter One we have many years’ experience of organizing successful interventions.

So, what is an intervention?

An intervention is usually a gathering of concerned individuals, family members, therapist, friends and in some rare cases the employer, who attempt to get the addict to see the reality of the situation in an “appropriate way” that leads to some positive action being taken. An “appropriate way,” is empathetic, none-judgemental, objective and firm. Our staff are trained interventionists and they can best help you prepare the meeting so that it includes all the necessary elements so that it results in a solution that suits all involved.


A successful intervention involves several stages:

Starting with the addict – creating a timeline of how the addiction has progressed and the impact this is having on all involved. Creating an inventory of legitimate concerns that outlines the consequences of the addict’s behaviour. Finding out and making a list of suitable treatment options which takes into account price and relevance. Assembling the team of suitable people who will be helpful during the intervention. Explaining the role that each person plays in the intervention so that they fully understand why they are there, what is the desired outcome, what they will say and then rehearsing the likely intervention scenario with the trained interventionist who will manage the day. If you find yourself with either a friend or family member in this situation, we will do all we can to ensure their present safety and future recovery – there really is no time to wait.