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Recovery Companions

Who are they and what do they do?

All our recovery companions are trained and certified professionals with many years of recovery experience so that you can be they know how to help your loved one achieve the clinical and therapeutic goals established by the team.

Transition and Change

Recovery Companions can be essential to the recovery process and positive treatment outcomes.
Their role is to accompany the client throughout early treatment and beyond – they help to manage
the challenging process of change and transition that must occur if a sustainable recovery is to be achieved.

In the beginning they often provide 24/7 coverage until the client becomes independent enough to manage their day to day life alone – sometimes they help with transport or act as support when a client is called away from treatment in an emergency due to a family situation or a pressing work responsibility – sometimes they just provide home visits to make sure your loved one is staying on track and using the tools they have learned in therapy to maintain recovery. How important is it to have a person always on hand who will care for your loved one, somebody who is totally committed and invested to them getting better every day?

Home-Coming and Transport


Leaving residential treatment after 28 days can be a harrowing experience if not managed successfully. Yet, all too often clients leave rehab and go straight back home to face personal history and old patterns of behaviour alone. How often have we heard stories about client’s who relapse because they find a hidden ‘stash of drugs,’ o

r half-empty bottle of alcohol and when the craving hit there is no-body there to help them? Sometimes clients are just simply overwhelmed by seeing the wreckage of the life they left behind – like a gold-fish who leaves the safety of fish bowl, expecting to join the stream of life but finding themselves either flushed down the toilet or left on the side gasping for air – a recovery companion is there to help, to offer safety and support and be so much more than just a friendly face.