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Resolve is a bespoke service for clients in legal difficulty who may face lengthy periods in remand awaiting trial. In these cases what is needed is an assurance to the court that the client poses no danger to either the public or themselves. In the UK everybody is entitled to bail unless there is a serious risk to public well-being which requires they be kept in custody.

Simply put, Resolve’s mission is to  provide the necessary risk resolution for courts to provide bail. Resolve provides a complete containment and rehabilitation service which includes:

  • A safe house.
  • 24 hour a day home and away surveillance by our team of experienced professionals.
  • Geo-fencing and real time tracking
  • Physical and Mental Health management with access 24 hour nursing, doctor and psychiatrist  (this can include Detox management in a residential context by referral.)
  • Psychotherapy,  Education and Coaching
  • Physical Therapy – Physical Fitness, Yoga and Shiatsu
  • Wilderness Project – self-esteem and trust building stays in the beautiful Welsh countryside facilitated by former Special Forces and Royal Marine Commando instructors. This is not a boot camp but a 7-28 day physical and spiritual journey and commune with nature.

Complete anonymity and discretion are an essential part of the service

A large  majority of our clients are young people but there is no age limit. This is a premium service which means that our clients come exclusively from wealthy and privileged backgrounds.
One of the great advantages of the Resolve Service is that if the client does subsequently get convicted of whatever offense they are charged with they have been kept safe and engaged in active rehabilitation prior to their trial. The Resolve service thus drastically reduces the possibility of  clients re-offending and it is our experience that this can allow the judge to impose a suspended sentence instead of an immediate custodial sentence. Resolve gives clients the real opportunity for behavioral change which they would certainly not receive within a prison context. If client’s subsequently do receive a suspended sentence Resolve will continue to provide support and mentoring while the client meets attached conditions such as community service or staying away from certain places or people – in the case of alcohol and drugs this might require remaining abstinent.


If you require further information please contact Owen Griffin or Eric Needham on: 07477 955553