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Induction: Treating Substance Related and Addictive Disorders in a Clinical Context

This two-day course provides a complete and thorough overview of all the essential information addiction professionals needs to know in their day their day to day work. Beyond CQC compliance and familiarization with the NICE guidelines, the course aims to foster a deep and practical understanding around the clinical diagnoses, assessment and treatment of addictive disorders.

Working with Eating Disorders

In the absence of available treatment, families trying to assist a loved one in the grips of this misunderstood and often fatal condition are usually at a complete loss about how to help.  For this reason, this one day course is open to both professionals and concerned members of the public who want to know the practical steps clients can take to manage and heal this life-threatening illness. There is no doubt that for many affected participants this can be a life-changing and defining course and it is our hope that it will become a solid foundation for recovery.

Recovery Support Diploma

This is a 75 hour course consisting of three distinct modules and is usually completed over nine days:

Recovery Companion Certification

This module prepares candidates to work with clients at their home in the community and provides all the knowledge necessary to work as a recovery companion. Please consult the course description for full details.

Recovery Coaching

Having learned how to work successfully as a recovery companion candidates are taught about what recovery coaching entails, are given guidance on best coaching practices and leave the course with over three months recovery coaching material.Please consult the course description for full details.


The final module further develops the skills already developed in far more depth in terms of both clinical insights and working with the family. Please consult the course description for full details.

Over each of the three days there will be lecture demonstrations supported by role plays and real-life case studies. Assessment will be made through written assignments and practical evaluation where appropriate.Candidates will need to successfully pass each module before passing on to the next in the series.

All courses are delivered by Eric Needham (MSc Addiction Psychology and Counseling).

Eric has over twenty-five years experience as a teacher, trainer and course developer – all of the following courses have been successfully written and delivered by Eric and are certified by ITOL (Institute of Occupational Learning). Eric has worked in the Addiction field both in private practice and for the Promis group. He has played a key role as a trainer, senior therapist and clinical manager in the launch of several clinics including  Hay Farm, Withersdane Hall and Promis France.

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