Charges laid over Aussie banknote printing bribery

Charges laid over Aussie banknote printing bribery

Aussie police have charged Securency International, Note Printing Australia (NPA) and six individuals with bribing public officials in foreign countries to help win contracts.

How to unmask your accuser as a liar (and win your case in court without a lawyer)

(WARNING: Nothing in this video is legal advice whatsoever. Self-representation is almost always a bad idea. Criminal defense law is immensely complex and failure to procure experienced criminal defense legal counsel is extraordinarily dangerous, particularly if there are any collateral issues such as vocational, occupational or professional licensing that may be endangered by a conviction. This is not legal advice. Subjective opinion only).

What kind of person is your accuser?

Three tips to unmasking your accuser as a liar:

(1) don’t intimidate or contact the accuser. You’ll get hit with witness intimidation charges

(2) private investigator dig up dirt so you can impeach at trial. Is this person a felon? Drug abuser?

(3) has he or she falsely accused other people before?

Anybody can make up an accusation and sadly that’s all it takes for the prosecutor to go along with the accusation and prosecution, especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

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Mark Zuckerberg reacts to Elon Musk possibly buying Twitter #shorts

Mark Zuckerberg on Elon Musk possibly buying Twitter: “I think it’s interesting as a saga… but I think even at this point, it’s not actually clear what’s going to happen.”

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Court Cam: Judge Loses His Patience with Stubborn Sovereign Citizen | A&E

A judge loses his patience in the courtroom when a Sovereign Citizen is brought in on multiple charges, in this scene from Season 3, Episode 45.


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Police officer comforts little girl after she asks: ‘Are you going to shoot us?’ l GMA Digital

“I’m here to protect you, OK? Were not here to hurt you at all.”

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